Rose quartz - bead mineral - FI 14 mm



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Do you have your jewelry ideas? Do you want to have your unique jewelry that no one will have besides you? We offer a wide range of free mineral stones in different sizes. All you have to do is select and produce your unique jewel, which recharges you with positive energy and accompanies you every day.

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Rose quartz

- the blessing has been long since ancient times and worn as a stone of friendship and love.
- the rosary in us, with its soft pink tones, awakens the feelings of gentleness, lust and friendship
- helps a lousy lover to show off her feelings and open everything sensibly
- considered to be the strongest stone in terms of love, beauty and healing
- also wake up self-confidence, self-esteem and perception of self-worth
- is excellent in overcoming the middle age crisis
- By wearing bridesmaids we get a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment
- teaches to forgive themselves and others
- Blush helps to find happiness in love
- Artichoke is a stone of artists
- especially suitable for small children. It protects them and helps them to develop properly
- helps to express your feelings externally
- It enhances inspiration and creativity
- Improves visualization capabilities
- makes us more patient and wiser
- He's our guard on the way
- shows us true love

The healing effects:
- Pink energy promotes blood vessels around the heart, helping to clean body organs
- Strengthens the vitality of the sexual organs and supposedly increases fertility
- helps with anorexia, because it promotes self-esteem and self-acceptance
- Supports kidney and adrenal disease after illness
- Reduces wrinkles and generally suppresses symptoms of aging
- Helps with headache, especially migraine type
- suppresses depression, throat problems, ear pain

The price is for 1 piece of the appropriate size.