Gemstone Pendant - Tree - Citrine

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Handicrafts unique pendant in the shape of a tree is a great gift that your loved one can say everything. Keep no longer choose any gemstone from which the tree will be made, know that identical piece of the world does not exist. Each is unique. Enjoy yourself and loved ones.

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Pendant from tree-shaped citrine.

- works as an effective cleaner and regenerator
- as a stone that keeps its energy in the sun, represents an extraordinarily beneficial crystal
- sells its own heat, energy and greatly enhances its creative abilities
- This is one of the crystals that never need cleaning
- absorbs, transforms, disperses, and distributes negative energies, which has an extraordinary protective effect on the environment in which the owner moves
- This dynamic stone teaches how to attract wealth and prosperity together with success and all the good and pleasant things the world offers
- Citrine is a happy, gentle stone that will encourage you to share with everyone
- is endowed with the power to provide happiness to everyone who owns it
- Melancholy and negative emotions do not have a place nearby

Therapeutic use:
- Citrine is an excellent stone in terms of recovering lost strength and energy
- has a beneficial effect on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and the return of degenerative disorders to normal
- citrine encourages digestion, spleen and pancreas
- Infections in the kidney and urinary bladder

Stones may be prone to fall from a height.

Pendant diameter: approx. 5cm

The pendant is normally supplied without a chain or other fabric.